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Traveling During A Pandemic: Yes or No?

Hey y’all! We have one month left until the end of year and I am looking forward to how the rest of the year will play itself out! One of the things that I missed out the most was the ability to travel.

I’ll be straight with y’all. I really want to travel. And unfortunately, my travel bug is itching a lot now because I had a few trips lined up this year. Jamaica and Dominican Republic and Mexico just to name a few. Unfortunately, COVID-19 disrupted my plans and I’m grieving my cancelled trips. Especially, my trip to Mexico—it was supposed to be a special one. Knowing that I spent my reading week in Canadian weather, instead of hazing on a beach was every bit as upsetting as you could imagine. But that’s beside the point, I did not come on here to solely write about my heartache.

While sulking in my disappointment, I realized why traveling is indefinitely off the list for 2020. There are just too many variables that turn me off from traveling—as much as I desire to! Unsurprisingly, all the variables go back towards Le Coronavirus.

Premature Nose Picking

The most juvenile reason out of them all is: I do not want to take the test. The COVID-19 test looks so uncomfortable and I do not want to do it and unless it is necessary. This pandemic has confined me to stay home for the most part. I do not want to leave my yard, just to go get a test that will test (twice is nice) my pain tolerance—I am not strong enough for that yet LOL!

Restrictions, Restrictions and more Restrictions!

To begin, the ongoing global pandemic has forced countries to enforce several restrictions and requirements before, during and after your travels. One of the most common requirements I’ve noticed is that it is imperative to give a negative COVID-19 test results—usually within the time span of 3-5 days—before your flight departure. With the rampant mass testing that is going on in Canada, that short time frame does not allow enough reassurance to complete the test and receive back your results. Additionally, there are some countries that require you to complete another COVID-19 test on top of that when you arrive in the country thus, adding on more unexpected expenses and uncertainties of whether you have the virus or not.

Adding on to the extensive list of requirements, is the fact that most countries expect travellers to self-isolate/quarantine during the trip. Depending on how long you stay, that could take up to 14 days. For example, in Canada the government encourages travellers (international or domestic) arriving to the country/province to self-isolate for 14 days before going out anywhere.


Furthermore, COVID-19 can creep up out of nowhere; everyday poses a risk if you go outside. Now, add that with travelling and the risk becomes even greater. One cannot control the variables of others. What I mean, is you do not know other people’s schedule of who you are traveling with and it poses a lot of risk. I do not want to put myself in a situation where you have to self-isolate before, during or after a trip because of myself or someone else. I go on vacation to relax and with all these uncertainties it won't feel like that.


To finish off, the most important reason I believe that traveling is a dud for me is because of one thing—we’re in a pandemic. I have noticed a lot of people traveling and while that is their own prerogative that is something I do not feel comfortable doing yet. Traveling to countries that do not have as many resources seems a bit inconsiderate to me. Let’s take Mexico as an example. The country relies heavily on tourism, and their increases in COVID-19 cases linked to tourism—specifically U.S. tourists. As someone who has family in countries similar to Mexico, I do not want to be a part of a reason that local health officials are wasting their resources for non-citizens solely for my own pleasures— it’s selfish.

Final Thoughts

Funnily enough, I’ve said all the above, however I do have plans to travel outside the country. I will be in Atlanta, Georgia this Christmas. I couldn’t resist seeing my family specifically, my new baby cousin!

Overall, as much as I would like to travel to a nice beautiful island I just do not think it is worth it now. It’s a lot physically, mentally.

Do you plan on traveling anytime soon? Let me know in the comments below! Also, Like, comment and share this post. I’ll see y'all on the next one :)

Renee Shian xx

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