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OFUURE Brand Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Hey y'all I'm back with another brand review! This time we’re going local and talking about clothing brand Ofuure! I hope y'all enjoy!

Ofuure is an online fashion and beauty store based in Toronto, Canada. On their website it states that: “Ofuure”, is an Ishan word meaning "it is well" from Edo state, Nigeria. As a fashion brand, their goal is to create beautiful, vibrant and sylish outfits for the everyday Queen.

Ofuure provides various options of clothing items and the fabric designs do not disappoint. The website features: tops, skirts, exercise gear, swimwear, and accessories— with most items made from wax print. The size range starts from small all the way up to 3X, which I appreciate since size inclusivity is important.

Since first laying my eyes on the store back in September, I have made three and a half purchases (I’ll explain later) and will continue spending my coins there. The clothes are fashionable and unique, plus they’re a Canadian business need I say more?

Items Bought

NAYA African Print Hi-low Dress

Originally, my first purchase was a hi-lo dress however, there were some issues. The dress was gorgeous, BUT the dress on me didn’t live up to my expectations. I am short and I felt that the dress was wearing me than vice-versa. So, I returned it and decided to buy something else.

Note: Be prepared to pay for shipping on the return item!

RUKI Headwrap

For those that follow me on Instagram, you are already acquainted with this purchase. This headwrap is my lifesaver for good and bad hair days. The bright colours are perfect to match with a solid colour top and accent accessories—preferably gold. I style my headwrap several ways but, here’s a YouTube video from Ofuure that shows you several different ways to style their headwraps.

FOLAKE Set (Crop top + Maxi skirt)

Now y’all. Y’ALL. This is my outfit. The royal blue wax print complements my skin tone in a way that I never thought the colour blue would. I’m a bit shorter, so I definitely have to wear heels with this ensemble. Nonetheless. I love this outfit and how I feel in it. Each time I wear it, I surprise myself. This set is perfect for a brunch out with the girls or a formal event, the choice is yours! Bonus: the maxi skirt comes with a zipper for a slit to give the audience some leg!

FOLA African Print Mini Dress

This item, I’m still waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it. The mini dress is a bright yellow—melanin friendly colour of course—and has a cute peplum flare at the bottom and on the sleeves. Not only that, the ruching detail with elastic can give you an asymmetrical bottom while, adding some fun to the outfit! I will definitely keep y’all posted on my social media with this piece once I wear it outside.

Final Thoughts

Ofuure is a brand I see myself purchasing again from in the future (I want one of those workout gears). Visit their website to view more of their catalogue, you won't be disappointed I promise!

Thank you for reading my quick review on OFUURE! Let me know what y'all think. Keep on the look out for more content!

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