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Monthly Round-Up: October 2020

Hey Everyone!

It’s the beginning of a new month and I would like to start doing monthly round-ups where I talk about any endeavours that I have been up to the past month. Similar to a life update!


The beginning of September I started a series called "Thriving in Online Learning". Last month, I added part two out of three onto the blog where I chat about “How to Improve Productivity: Remote Learning/Work Edition”

“In post-secondary, the expectations are that students should have a high productivity. Having to manage and complete multiple tasks (e.g., assignments, homework, readings etc.) in a given time frame, calls for us to not only understand time management, but be productive and make use of said time.” — Moi :)

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School as usual has taken up a lot of my time, however I try my best to indulge in hobbies on a daily basis,—outdoors and reading to name a few!

The gyaldem and I visited Caledon for a lovely afternoon immersing ourselves in the beautiful Fall weather.

Not only that I’ve been reading a lot of Black/Indigenous authors and still have more to read on the way!

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Renee! Wrap it Up Now!

Well that was October for you! November is here and I am ready for whatever it brings!

What have you been up to?

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Renee Shian xx

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