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Monthly Round-Up: January 2021

Hey Everyone!

It’s the end of December and the end of the year! IAMRENEESHIAN hasn’t been updated since October so we have a lot to unpack monthly round-ups where I briefly update y’all about the blog and my life!


Happy Birthday to us! IAMRENEESHIAN celebrated our one year anniversary this past November and I wrote a blog post about my first year blogging and what I plan on doing next with my baby.

"One of the reasons being my insecurities with writing. [...]. Furthermore, as a Black womxn I do not feel safe stating my thoughts a lot of open environments—IAMRENEESHIAN is that safe space for me."

Click here to check out the post!

In other writing news, I wrote a reflective piece for Sisi Magazine. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts about Teachers' College.

The past two months were not good. Academically, emotionally and physically exhausting. I lost a lot and I will just leave it there. However, winter break is giving me that well needed time to de-stress, rest, DRINK and breathe.

Always finding the time to read and I feel myself shifting towards more reading content! I love reading books by black authors! It’s something that I didn’t grow up with in school and as being a future educator I want to have some references to BIPOC authors!

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Am I the only one that hasn’t created my New years resolution? I wanted to look back at the one I created before and reflect before I started 2021 and I just want tell myself that I am proud of the things i managed to accomplish amidst this global pandemic. 2020 has been one 0f the most challenging years for everyone and to even have had one thing accomplished was enough but to know that I did way more than that—I’m in awe. 2021 you’re near but I cannot wait!

Renee, Wrap it Up Now!

Well, that was it! I can’t believe 2021 is here! What are lessons that you’ve learned from 2020?

Happy New Years! Like, comment and share this post. I’ll see y'all on the next one :)

Renee Shian xx

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