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Updated: Nov 13, 2020


For the past few months, I have made a conscious decision to diversify (as much as possible) the brands that I buy, to those owned by black people. This brand, was one of the first initial purchases, since that decision. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this quick read!

Any who, let me tell you the story of how I was mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and came across this store. A while back, I saw a post of one of my favourite content creators Cheyenne Ewulu that I follow on Instagram (unfortunately, the post got deleted but please follow @cheyenneewulu) and, I was instantly mesmerized by the top she was wearing. The colours, patterns, the way how it all just matched perfectly with her melanin skin, I was in complete awe yet, also curious as to where she got it from. Thank you, Instagram and their feature to tag other accounts because once I found out the website where the top was from, I instantly clicked on it. 

It turns out the store is called Grass Fields: The Home of African Fashion, an online clothing store run by Cameroonian sisters Michele and Christelle Ganhou. Grass Fields is a brand that prides themselves in their high-quality prints made ethically in Cameroon, Nigeria and, in Nottingham. The clothes provide the perfect blend of African heritage and western style. It is truly amazing the designs and the thought process put into the creation of these beautiful pieces.  Now, if you know me personally, you'll know how much effort I put into dressing well. I may not be the best at styling however, I can put a decent look together plus I love trying out new clothing pieces. So far, I have ordered twice from and I have yet to be disappointed with the items I have received. HERE ARE THE ITEMS I HAVE BOUGHT SO FAR: Anita Crop Top: This crop top is very flattering to my shape and has a nice stretch to it. The design of the top is very cute and looks great on all skin undertones. You can match this top along with the Anita Maxi Skirt. 

Chido Crop Top: When I tell you love this top; I mean I LOVE this top! I really LOVE how the top is off-shoulders. Compared to picture on the model, the colour is slightly off however, that is due to lighting and it does not hinder how much I love this top. The print is EVERYTHING, the frills are EVERYTHING, this whole top is EVERYTHING.

Off Shoulder Raissa Dress: This is probably my favourite buy from Grass Fields. The dress just fits me perfectly and is very flattering on my 5ft1, curvy body. I'm here for the off shoulders look it gives with the cute little belt. Another great thing is that the dress has pockets so no need to bring a purse! I have worn this dress a few times now and each time I feel like the beautiful, stunning, melanin Queen that I am.  Grass Field's clothing has made me very comfortable in experimenting with different colours, prints and in one aspect my overall style. With excellent customer service and insanely fast delivery time (the longest I waited for an order was 4 days), Grass Fields is a store that I will continue spending my coins at! 

Thank you for reading my quick review on Grass Fields! Let me know what y'all think. Keep on the look out for more content!

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