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How to Improve Productivity: Remote Learning/Work Edition

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Abstract: Drawing from the feedback of my last post, I decided to continue the conservation of “Remote/Online Learning” by providing more personal tips and tricks. THRIVING IN ONLINE LEARNING is a three-part series that will offer readers advice on the 2020-2021 school year.

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I am here with part two and I’ll be talking about all things PRODUCTIVITY.

For the sake of this post, I will quickly define the term. Productivity refers to how efficiently one is able to produce work; consistently and with the utmost performance.

In post-secondary, the expectations are that students should have a high productivity. Having to manage and complete multiple tasks (e.g., assignments, homework, readings etc.) in a given time frame, calls for us to not only understand time management, but be productive and make use of said time.

Productivity is learnt as we go through our studies however, a lack of direction in the beginning does play a role with students picking up negative work habits. To rectify this, ameliorating one’s productivity is a great place to start.

On that note, the following are some helpful tips that have helped me during remote learning and will increase overall productivity!

Renee Shian’s Productivity Practices

Before I begin, I want to stress that we are MORE than our productivity. DO NOT let others define your worth by your ability to produce. And, if you’re feeling that is the case, reassess the relationship you have with that specific individual or environment.

Tip 1: Use a Planner and Plan Ahead

Whenever I have several assignments to complete, either in my planner or computer I make a list of what needs to get done. On top of that, when I plan out that list, I make sure to put the most strenuous tasks first to finish. Doing that, allows me to have a clear visual of what I will do each day and it helps assure that I stay on topic by knowing where to begin.

Tip 2: Know Your Limit And Play(Work) Within It

What I mean by this phrase, is to set work hours for yourself and be accountable to them. Do program work hours for all of your tasks (e.g. Assignment #1 work from 9:00-10:30AM), in a given time frame that you feel is enough.

Scheduling time for your responsibilities is a great way to keep yourself accountable by knowing when and how long you’ll focus on each specific item.

Tip 3: Schedule Time Off For Your Meals

This is very important! I enjoy eating and cooking a lot. If I don’t eat, I cannot properly function or engage in anything— even at this moment I need food/snacks in my system! Because of that, I implore y’all to incorporate time off in your schedule for food breaks. Productivity should not come at the price of neglecting your body.

Note: Prepping your meals in advance saves time during the day on cooking or looking for meals.

My go to meal: Salmon and Pasta

Tip 4: Get Some Fresh Air

Building on the last point, take breaks when necessary! Do not try to work through a task when you’re mentally and physically exhausted! We are all confined to our homes, and for many, working in that environment all day is challenging.

From my experience in summer school, walking around my neighbourhood improved my overall mood and allowed me to think clearly. Whether you want to gain some inspiration or just clear your mind, a bit of fresh air does the body good.

Note: Wear your mask, when you leave your house!

Tip 5: Change Up Your Workspace

This last tip I had to learn the hard way. In the beginning, working from home was difficult because home is my comfort place. I would attempt to do schoolwork in my room (I don’t have a desk), and it would result in me watching Netflix or taking naps. I’ve learned that I cannot do that all the time.

Fortunately, now what I try to do is change my workspace every few hours. I’ll either work in the basement, the kitchen or the living room. Switching it up every once in a while allows me to quickly stretch, recharge and not get tired of the environment I am in.


Et Voilà. These are my FIVE tips to increase productivity throughout remote learning. This transition to online is challenging however, having a solid foundation on how to work efficiently at home is reassuring for students.

If you haven't already checked out the first post from the Surviving Remote Learning series, read it now!

The final post of this series will be on everyone’s favourite buzzword: Self-care, so be on the lookout in the weeks to come.

Like, comment and share this post. I’ll see y'all on the next one :)

Renee Shian xx

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