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Updated: Oct 1, 2020


It has been forever and a half since I last post! I will be honest the start to the new year has been pretty hectic and disorganized, mostly on my part. I have no idea why maybe it’s January Blues but, I am in a funk right now. I am not feeling like myself. There is just so many shit that is going on with my courses, my placements, my personal life etc. They all have been taking a toll on me; however, I will not let it consume my joy or my plans for this year. 

Having this year in mind, I decided to make 2020 a year where I am self-conscious and aware of what I would like to accomplish this year. By all means, I am not saying that the years before I walked in blindly into what I wanted to do. However, I will admit, I never gave it much thought or preparation. Writing down New Year’s Resolutions and/or goals was something I never did; if something came to mind that I wanted to do, I would just do it and work towards them. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but since my mind is always racing, I tend to forget ideas quickly if I do not write them down. Slowly, I have realized that having visual structure and organization is beneficial for me.

Because of that, this year I decided to make an organizer to plan out my aspirations this year. Using Canva (highly recommended), I designed a board and made sub-categories that would focus on different aspects of my life. Each subcategory that I created; I wrote down a few goals that I would like to pursue in 2020. By doing this, I am able to clearly see what my plans are for this year in an organized manner. Knowing me, I didn’t fill out it out entirely because random ideas will always come to me, but I am glad I created a template where I can keep on adding my thoughts.

Separated resolutions into sub-categories pertaining to each aspect of my life
On this page, I added the categories "Other" in case there is a goal that doesn't quite fit in with the other categories.

If anyone wants a copy of the organizer, I posted a template down below for y’all to download! I hope anyone benefits from this resource in any way. Remember this is the first step, implementing your goals and aspirations is what matters the most and will take the most time and effort!

Vision Board 2020 copie
Download PDF • 55KB

Here's to 2020 being our year! Let me know your resolutions or goals for this year down in the comments below! Comment and share, I'd appreciate it immensely! I'll see you on the next post :) 


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